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Monitor of air quality

This device is designed for monitoring of the main air quality parameters in utility space. Display indicates: CO2, temperature, humidity and air pressure sensors values. Writes parameters to MicroSD card. Also, the device can build graphs on the screen for each of the displayed parameters during one day. The device is equipped with a rechargeable battery that provides up to ten hours of operating time. It can be used for recording and subsequent analysis of air quality in offices and apartments. Using the device, you can determine whether additional ventilation is required for heating or cooling the air in the room, based on history over a long period, but not only on current indications.

Package includes:

  • Device
  • Power supply unit


  • Displays air quality parameters:
    • Level of CO2 (carbon dioxide)
    • Air temperature
    • Air humidity
    • Atmosphere pressure
    • Current date and time
  • Writing parameters to microSD card
  • Autonomous work from built-in batteries up to 10 hours

Optional functions:

  • Transfer parameters via bluetooth or WIFI to APP on mobile phone
  • Saving the history of changing parameters on the cloud server

Applied components:

  • OLED displey 0.96' I2C 128x64
  • Wi-Fi module LuaNode32 с ESP-32
  • 2x Liitokala NCR18650B 3400mAh
  • Temperature, humidity, pressure sensor (BME280)
  • MicroSD card module
  • DS1307 RTC module
  • CO2 sensor (MG-811) or SENSEAIR S8
  • 2x DC-DC reducing power converter 3А (MP1584)
  • Power supply unit 12V