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Device of irrigation pot plants


This device is designed for automatic watering pot plants. When you are not at home for a long time and do not have opportunity to water pot plants you can use SoilSensor. The device measures the moisture level in the soil and irrigates only when needed. It is possible to adjust the desired soil moisture level. It is also possible to set up "quiet hours" - when the device will not turn on watering, which, for example, will allow you to avoid unnecessary noise at night. Also, automatic watering can be turned off, in this case the device will simply remind you when it's time to water your plants with blinking light indication. The device has liquid crystal display with backlight and four buttons for displaying the status and setting operating parameters. The device displays the current temperature and humidity on the screen and has a slot for a memory card, on which it can record the values​of the sensors readings and the time when irrigation is started. More details...


Monitor of air quality


This device is designed for monitoring of the main air quality parameters in utility space. Display indicates: CO2, temperature, humidity and air pressure sensors values. Writes parameters to MicroSD card. Also, the device can build graphs on the screen for each of the displayed parameters during one day. The device is equipped with a rechargeable battery that provides up to ten hours of operating time. It can be used for recording and subsequent analysis of air quality in offices and apartments. Using the device, you can determine whether additional ventilation is required for heating or cooling the air in the room, based on history over a long period, but not only on current indications. More details...


Uninterrupted power supply with feedback


Uninterrupted power supply 5V with feedback. Capacity 20000mAh, output voltage 5V 3A. A feature of the device is that after turning off the power and completely discharging, and then turning tha power back on, the consumer's power will be resumed automatically without the need of turning it on manually. Also, the presence of feedback allows you to inform the consumer about the battery charge level and the availability of the external power source. The device is designed to power mini-computers such as Raspberry PI, car dash cam and other consumers, which can be powered from a standard USB power source. More details...