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Uninterrupted power supply with feedback

Uninterrupted power supply 5V with feedback. Capacity 20000mAh, output voltage 5V 3A. A feature of the device is that after turning off the power and completely discharging, and then turning tha power back on, the consumer's power will be resumed automatically without the need of turning it on manually. Also, the presence of feedback allows you to inform the consumer about the battery charge level and the availability of the external power source. The device is designed to power mini-computers such as Raspberry PI, car dash cam and other consumers, which can be powered from a standard USB power source.

Package includes:

  • Device
  • Power supply unit
  • Car charger (optional)


  • Provision of uninterruptible power supply with voltage 5V and maximum current 3A
  • Feedback interface
  • Battery level indicator and display of mains power outage history on OLED display
  • Disables all sound notifications when external power is disconnected

Applied components:

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